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Web Hosting: What You Need to Know


If you have already set up a website for your business or maybe moved your present site to another server, this is then the best tie for you to look for other services. Most often, at the beginning of the year these web hosting companies offer special for them to attract customers and enlist on their options. And while you are looking for a good deal, you are also making sure that you have everything that is needed for your website to run perfectly. The Inmotion web hosting is one of the many companies that aim to mom-and-pop business along with large companies with a wide selection of service plans that will specifically cater different needs.


One of the many things that have always prevented us from creating our very own website is the having to pay a lot but most of them you do not need. Inmotion web hosting at truly understands how the internet today can intimidate some people and this is the reason why there are different plans that are being set up to provide everything that they need from the basic space and content management to a more advanced functions such as file hosting and eCommerce support. Whether it is personal, business and VPS hosting are basically sub-plans that will help you determine you disk space usage as well as domain support. If you are planning of hosting a site with only ten pages for you to promote your products or services, you need to pay at least 6 dollars every month and will be able to receive the same 24/7 customer service support as part of the premium plan. When you compare it with similar companies, such as GoDaddy and Hostgator, Inmotion on the other hand maintains competitive costs for their customers.


Basic business and personal plans, you will be able to manage your site using standard control panel or CPanel which is often used by other hosting services as well and it is quite intuitive and very user friendly. If you are good and comfortable with editing your web pages using Fireworks or Dreamweaver, there are other FTP options that you can use for you data directly to your folders. Depending on the plan you purchase, there is also a corresponding email for you domain and this has all the ability for you to install Wordpress as well as other popular content management system such as Joomla. PHP and Perl as well as MySQL are also supported but it also depends on the level of the service you choose and there is an extra fee that you can hand to them your design and they will be the one to do it. Read inmotion hosting review here!